Bewitch Everyone With Our Decorative Face Jewels

Here at My Glitter Boutique we’re enamoured with everything which glows and sparkles. That includes our bedazzling array of face jewels and body gems. Ideal for creating an effortlessly glamorous look, they can be worn at everything from festivals to parties.

Shine on this summer with the most beautiful face jewels.

Our latest arrival from this range include these Arctic Bird Forehead Face Jewels which create an enchantingly striking look. Since they glow in the dark, you’ll still stand out once the lights go down. These decorative face jewels can be placed anywhere, from the forehead, eyebrows, and cheeks to around your eyes.

This is just one of the many different designs we have to choose from. Whatever type of pattern or style you’re looking for, the chances are you’ll find it on our website.

Since they’re waterproof, sweat proof designs, they’re also extremely long-lasting. That also means you can dance as much as you want and they won’t risk falling off! Before applying, all you need to do is ensure your skin is clean and oil-free.

We also have a range of glitters which can be worn with our face jewels.

All our decorative face jewels meet the most rigid safety and non-toxic materials standards.

Why not dive into our latest collection of face jewels or body gems?

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