Bewitching Face Jewels For Special Occasions

Looking for beautiful face jewels at competitive prices?

Whether you’re heading to a festival, party or wedding post lock-down, My Glitter Boutique has gorgeous face jewels to enhance your natural beauty.

With our stylish face and body jewellery, you can bring irresistible glamour and pizzazz to any look. They’re perfect for all age groups and a variety of celebrations.

Our face jewels come in a variety of patterns and colours, from mermaid blue and multi-coloured to glow-in-the-dark.

Alluring, unique and easy to wear, these face jewels can easily be removed at the end of the day and reused in the future.

You can easily feel like a sophisticated princess or exotic mermaid with these dazzling jewels.They can be placed on your forehead, around the eyes or in the chest area.

Among our collection is Glow in the Dark Face Jewels which are hand drawn to give the effect of gems falling from the eyes in a cascade impact. Wearing this type of face jewellery will get you in the mood for any event. Since they glow-in-the-dark, they’re brilliant for inside tents at festivals, night clubs and pop concerts.

Standard deliveries are only £2.99 while most of our face jewels and body gems are less than £5.00. Bargain!

Explore our wonderful choice of face jewels and body gems today.

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