Cosmetic Body Glitter In A Choice Of Colours

Want to celebrate the beginning of a whole new year?

After such a difficult year, it’s hoped that 2021 will bring more positive times, including the comeback of special events like parties and festivals (eventually!). Our cosmetic glitter is great for wearing to all sorts of occasions.

My Glitter Boutique is a treasure trove of all things sparkly and iridescent, from cosmetic body glitter and glow in the dark jewels to original phone cases. Many of our products make excellent gifts for all sorts of special events.

Want to enjoy glitter without damaging the environment?

There’s something about glitter which can lift your mood. After all, in such dark times, we can all use a little extra sparkle in our lives! With our biodegradable glitter, you won’t have to worry about its impact on the environment. All our cosmetic body glitter is highly affordable and a little goes a long way.

Our biodegradable cosmetic glitter is ideal for finishing and perfecting any look. It is certified as compostable on land and in water. You can rest assured it’s also cosmetic grade, being a low irritant and eye-safe product.

We also have this Stargazer Glitter Fix Gel Glue for only £1.99 which is easy to wear and remove. Whether you’re heading to a party, festival or another special event, this glue will ensure your glitter stays put.

Why not discover more about our cosmetic body glitter today?

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