Create Enchanting Looks With Our Decorative Face Jewels

Face jewels not only look great at special events, they’re highly Instagrammable. They can be used to create all sorts of unique looks.

Whether you’re looking to decorate your body or face, My Glitter has a wide range of gems and jewels to choose from. Specially designed to highlight your best features, they can decorate everything from the eyes to the forehead or midriff.

Our stylish and contemporary face jewellery is easy to apply, can be reused and is highly affordable. Whatever look you aim to achieve, our iconic collection has something for everyone, from oceanic and gothic themed jewels to gold or pearls.

If you wish to achieve a subtle but stunning look, one of our best sellers is these MGB White Eye Gems.

These gems are the perfect finishing touch to eye make-up. They’re particularly ideal for enhancing that dramatic cat-eye look. Bringing out the brightness of your eyes, you’ll look irresistible with these dew dropped around your peepers.

This range also includes these MGB Pearl and Clear Body Gems which can be used in all sorts of ways. Whether you dot them around your eyes, on your ears or over the eyebrows, they’re easy to wear and will stay put all day (and night!).

Explore our extensive collection of decorative face jewels today.

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