Discover Our Biodegradeable Face Glitters

Want to bring that added touch of sparkle to your Christmas season?

We all love glitters and with our biodegradable face glitters you can enjoy environmentally-friendly products at the same time.

At My Glitter Boutique, we love everything about glitter. The way it twinkles like stars, how it brings glamour to parties and has an amazing ability to lift your mood! That’s why we have a wide range of glitter products to purchase online which enable you to get creative, including biodegradable face flitters.

If you’re one of the many people who loves everything that sparkles, you’re not alone; scientists believe we love things that glitter because it reminds us of one of the most important substances in the world which also shimmers: water.

Glitter was invented by accident in 1934 by an American machinist who, thanks to his hobby of cutting plastic into tiny pieces, discovered how to make those minuscule pieces that bring so much sparkle to our life.

Many of us girls feel that glitter can make everything better, including our face. However, because standard glitter is made from a form of microplastic which often finds its way into the ocean, it can be dangerous to both people and animals. Fortunately, our biodegradable glitter won’t pose such problems when disposed of.

Why not discover more about our biodegradable face glitters today?

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