Stand Out With Glow In The Dark Face Jewels

Want to look amazing even in the darkest venue?

With our glow in the dark face jewels, you’ll look just as stunning when the lights drop.

Guaranteed to make your look super-glam, they add interest to even the plainest outfit. These glow in the dark face jewels are perfect for festival tents, night clubs and parties.

Passionate about all things sparkly, My Glitter Boutique has an entire section dedicated to glow-in-the dark products.

That includes Stargazer UV glitter shakers in a variety of exciting colours. Priced from less than £3.00, these can be dabbed onto your hair, nails, face or body. The glitters glow neon under UV black lights. You can slo sprinkle some over dying nail polish and enjoy a beautiful shimmering effect. It’s an easy way to add a finishing touch to a party outfit.

Among this collection is this Glow in the Dark MGB Face Jewel which dazzle like an array of stars. This pack includes the sticker of the glow in the dark forehead face jewel, including eye drops.

Guaranteed to make an impact, these glow in the dark face jewels are easy to apply and remove. They can also be reused a number of times.

Why not explore our latest collection of glow-in-the-dark face jewels?

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